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This is an ongoing history.  As posts are published they will be linked to from here.  In the end, I will provide a history of lung diseases from the beginning of time to today.  Stay tuned. 

Beginning-5000 B.C.: Age Before History and Time
5000-2700 B.C.: Beginning of the Ancient World
2700-1 B.C.: Ancient World During History and Before Time
1-276 A.D.: Ancient World After Time
500-1550 A.D.: Dark Ages of Medicine
1550-1899: Scientific Revolution
1800-1900 A.D.: Age of Progress
1800-1900: The Scientific Revolution
1900-Present: Age of Results
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  1. Allergies are much older than 30,000 years, since they are seen in other mammals. Put them before the dawn of empathy. Yours is a really nice approach to breathing history
    Add Al Barach in there.