Friday, March 31, 2017

1907: Dr. James Sawyer's Asthma Powder

The following is the recipe for making Dr. James Sawyer's Asthma Powder as per The British Pharmaceutical Codex:

Compound Stramonium Powder.
Synonym.—Sir James Sawyer's Asthma Powder.

Stramonium Leaves, in powder ... ... 50.00
Lobelia, in powder ... ... ... ... 6.oo
Anise Fruit, in powder 12.00
Tea Leaves, in powder ... ... ... 6.oo
Oil of Eucalyptus 1.oo
Potassium Nitrate, sufficient to produce ... 100.00 
Mix the oil with the vegetable powders, then add the potassium nitrate.
This powder is used to relieve asthma. About half a teaspoonful is pressed by the fingers into the shape of a cone, which is then lighted at the top; the patient inhales the fumes as the powder burns. The powder is used several times daily, as may be necessary, for asthma. Pulvis Lobeliae Compositus is a similar preparation.
Note.—A simpler form of Sir James Sawyer's Asthma Powder consists of 50 of stramonium leaves in powder, mixed with 25 each of potassium nitrate and anise fruit in powder; it may be distinguished as Pulvis Stramonii Nitratus.

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