Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1959: Nebu-Halent Inhaler

1954 ad for Nebu-Halent Inhaler (You could use bronchodilator of your choice)
The nebuhaler was a product that entered the market in the late 1950s following the release of the first inhalers: Medihaler Epi and Medihaler Iso. 

The new product was a Freon-powdered pocket unit with a reservoir chamber with a self-cleaning, baffling device.  
It was called the Nebu-Haler.  The medicine used was Nebu-Halent, or you could use the medicine of your choice.  

This device made it possible to deliver finer, smaller particle-sized aerosols to the patient.  

It did not gain the popularity of the original Medihalers that entered the market in 1956, although it was another option for asthmatics.  

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