Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1896: The Pulmonary Inspirator

The germ theory caused much speculation among the medical community. Physicians speculated as to which diseases were caused by infecting agents. Some physicians went as far as to speculate all diseases were caused by infecting agents. So it wasn't out of the ordinary to assume that catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, and even emphysema might also be caused by germs. In this case, the best remedy would be the inhalation of antiseptics.

These physicians were the ideal audience for a product called Pulmonary Inspirator. This is the product featured in an advertisement in The Medical Progress dated July, 1896.  The product is an inhaler specifically designed for the inhalation of antiseptics.

I'm sure the product could also have been used for other solutions too, and I'm sure it must have been experimented with.  Likewise, as with other inhalers of this time, the product was probably clumsy, bulky, fragile and expensive.

Medicine must have been inserted into the container with water. Heat would have warmed the water, and the patient would have inhaled the fine medicated steam. The product was patented and sold under a physician's prescription only.

  1. "Suggestions on the management of nervous trouble," The Medical Progress: A monthly history and medical progress,John S. Moreman, M.D., editor, July 12, 1896, volume 12, new series number 79, old series number 126, page 240

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