Friday, April 21, 2017

1908: The Bratt's Resuscitator

The Bratt's Resuscitator was among the equipment available during the first 20 or so years of the 20th century to assist with artificial resuscitation.  The device would have been purchased by various gas, mining and electric companies to be used when a person was exposed to gases or was electrocuted.  The devices were also found useful for other purposes, such as attempts to revive victims of drowning. 

The pictures below were provided in a 1908 edition of the The Canadian Mining Journal.  The top two pictures show a rescue station at a mining company.  The following is the description of the mining station:
Among the equipment of the station is a "Dr. Bratt" resusitator. This is a device for inducing artificial respiration and administering oxygen. It consists of a flash of oxygen connected by the tube with a mask for the mouth and nostrils. By moving a handle to and fro the lungs of an unconscious person may be inflated and deflated as in natural breathing. The deviceis of special value for reviving men who have been "gassed," particularly those suffering from the carbon monoxide poisoning" 
The photo in the lower left shows the apparatus by itself.  The photo in the lower right shows it in use.  A Draeger apparatus (the pulmotor) was noted as among the equipment available at the station. Another part of this rescue station was set up as an emergency station, replete with beds, blankets, etc. (1 page 594-596)  

  1. Gray, F. W., "The mining operations of the Dominion Coal Company," The Canadian Mining Journal, November 15, 1908, Volume XXIX, Number 22, Toronto; Published in the "Index: Canadian Mining Journal, volume 29, January 1, 1908, to December 31, 1908, The Mines Publishing Company Limited, Toronto, Ontario. Click the links for a better view of pictures. 

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