Monday, October 17, 2016

1859: Benvenisti writes opinion about asthma

Moise Bervenisti published his asthma book in 1859 called Commentario Sull'asma.    J. B. Berkart summarized his view on asthma:
Benvenisti, again, complained of the disregard to pathological anatomy in cases of asthma. There were numerous pathological processes, such, for instance, an embolism of the pulmonary artery, sufficient to produce the most intense dyspnoea, yet not discoverable by physical diagnosis. To conclude, therefore, from the presence of sonorous and sibilant rhonchi as to the presence of a bronchial spasm appeared to him to be unwarrantable. (1, page 30) 
Orville Brown said:
Benvenisti took the position that there must be definite pathologic processes at the bottom of asthma even though often undiscoverable. (2, page 34)
At the present time that's about all I can find on M. Benvenisti.

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